What ages suit Toon Creations Workshops?

After School Online Workshops Junior: Year 2 - Year 5 Senior: Year 6 - Year 8
Junior: To allow our classes to move at a reasonable pace, Year 1 students are ONLY permitted if they have previously attended TWO Toon Creation Workshops.
Senior: Our Senior Classes are slightly more challenging. Year 5 students are ONLY permitted if they have previously attended FOUR Toon Creation Workshops. School Holiday Workshops: Ages 5-12 (Year K to Year 7) Teen Holiday Workshops: Ages 12-15 OOSH & School Workshops: Suitable for Primary & High School Aged Kids Private Workshops: Recomended for ages above 9+ Birthday Parties: Recomended for ages above 6+ Note: Running at limited capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions.

What time does Toon Creations School Holiday run each day?

Our Face to Face Holiday Workshops run from 9am to 5pm normally. Please notify us prior if you expect to pick up early so they don't miss out on any drawings. Note: Timing may very when workshops are not in our Bondi Studio. Online workshops run with 2 x 2hr sessions per day: 9:30am and 2pm.

Does Toon Creations provide food and snacks for students?

Afternoon Tea (fruit/snacks/juice) is provided for full day workshops at 3:45pm.

What should I pack in my child's bag?

For full day School Holiday Workshops we recommend to pack: Recess, Lunch, Water Bottle and Hat

  • Recess (10:45am)
  • Lunch (12:45pm)
A hat is also recommended for when holidays workshops have access to outdoor facilities. We have a small fridge, toaster, water cooler and microwave in our Bondi studio which can be used. Facilities will be advised for workshops at other venues. All Toon Creations Workshops are NUT FREE!

Are the kids drawing all day?

Our workshops are mainly focussed on drawing, but we also incorporate games and activities throughout the day. The full day workshops are longer than a normal school day, so we make sure there are plenty of breaks throughout the day. We still manage to draw 7+ artworks each workshop.
Program Guide: 9am to 10:45am: 3 Drawings and Games 11am to 1pm: 2 Drawings and Games 2pm to 3:45pm: 2 Drawings and Games 4pm to 5pm: Drawings, Mural Artwork (Bondi Studio Only), Games and FreeTime until pick up.

Do the kids leave the studio throughout the day?

Bondi Studio - There are parks within a short walking distance from the studio. Park activities are whether dependent, however the majority of the day is spent indoors. Other Venues: Will depend on suitable facilites offered in the nearby area.

All appropriate ratios are adhered to when leaving the studio.

How many kids are in each Holiday Workshop?

Our bondi worskhops are limited to 25 children maximise the attention and comfort of our students. External Workshops capacity may vary per location/venue.

When are your Holiday Workshops run?

All our NSW Holiday Workshops are run in conjuction with the Public School Terms. Contact Us if your school holidays are outside of these dates, and we are happy to run a workshop (min 5 students)

For birthday parties held at the studio, should parents of guests attend?

We provide a safe environment at our Bondi Studio. Whilst guests and parents are welcome, we do find parties are most succesful when there are less adults in the studio. Children can focus on drawing and have more time to explore their creative side. Please advise whether you expect paents to attend. Note: In studio restrictions apply due to Covid-19.

Pick Up and Drop Off Times for Holiday Workshops

Bondi Studio We try and balance the needs of our families and the needs of our dedicated staff and it is essential parents realise that we cannot accept responsibility for the children who are dropped of earlier or collected later than the scheduled workshop times. Nevertheless, we understand that in emergency situations you may be running late.

  • If a child is dropped off earlier than 8:50am, you will incur a fee of $15 for every 15 minutes or part thereof. Please note this rate is charged per child.
  • A late fee of $15 per 15 minutes (or part thereof) will be charged for late pick up of children from the program after 5:00pm. The studio closes at this time and our staff need to get home to prepare for the next day’s activities. We trust you understand.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations Toon Creations reserves the right to amend or cancel any workshop if there are insufficient students enrolled. In this event, you will have the option to chose an alternate date, receive a credit, or a full refund. One week notice is given for cancelled workshops Refunds Please note that for those who change their mind or do not attend the workshop booked, workshop fees are not refundable.

What Covid-19 policies do you have in place?

Toon Creations continue to operate in line with the NSW government guidlines regarding Covid 19. Click here to view our Covid Safety Plan. We continue to have the following protective measures in place:

  • We will be maintaining a thorough cleaning regime throughout the day. This includes disinfecting our tables and tools at breaks as well as a clean of all surfaces at the end of each workshop.
  • We will provide hand sanitiser frequently to all children before and during the day and ensure hands are washed between breaks.
  • We request that parents drop their kids at the entrance so only kids enter the studio.
  • We encourage parents to keep children home if they feel unwell or show flu like symptoms.

Can I use the Creative Kids Voucher with Toon Creations?

Yes! As a registered provider for the Creative Kids Program, you can claim a $100 voucher per year to put towards the cost of workshops and/or materials. If you would like to apply for a voucher or want to find out more, please visit www.services.nsw.gov.au. After School Workshops Bookings fees must be paid upfront in full. Vouchers received at time of booking will receive same day refund. School Holiday Workshops When you book online, you can claim your voucher as a discount at checkout. Voucher codes must be emailed to info@tooncreations.net within 24hrs once you have received your booking receipt. Notes: - Your booking is not guaranteed until voucher codes have been validated with us via Service NSW. - Early Bird and Sibling Discounts still apply. - Only one booking transaction can be made per voucher. - Vouchers can be used to redeem the total cost of the booking transaction up to a maximum $100.

How are the Online Workshops run?

Online School Holidays: We run 2 workshops per day (9:30am and 2pm). All sessions are 2 hours and include 2/3 drawings plus games. Online After School: We run drawing and cartooning classes after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Online workshops are run on ZOOM. You can find the link to your booked session on the Kidsbook confirmation.