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Online Sessions 

We offer these workshops to allow kids from all over the country to extend their passion for drawing!

These sessions are held on Zoom, so they are super convenient and kids are able to interact as much or as little as the would like, with no pressure to say anything at all! Everyone is welcome. 

If you haven't been able to make our workshops due to travel, time, or anything else that gets in the way, then this is a great way to get involved. 

What kids will learn: 
Techniques used by animators when creating characters, as well as learning how to make your own.
How to bring creations to life through backgrounds and perspective.

How to draw characters that are familiar to them from famous and recent animation films.

Online Drawing Workshops

Program Info

Class Duration: 45 min
Who: Ages  Yr k - Yr 5 (No experience required)

Host: Adam (Head cartoonist)

Cost per session: $10

There are currently no online sessions running.
Online sessions will resume in Term 4, dependent on numbers. 


Equipment Needed per session
Lead Pencil
4 pieces of A4 paper
*Colouring Pencils, Textas, Sharpie/Marker

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