After School Classes


We will be resume classes in Term 2/3 in 2021.

Junior: Year 2 - 5

Senior: Year 6 - 9

For any further questions please see our FAQs, otherwise contact us by email


Class Duration: 1 hr

Cartooning is one of the best introductions into the arts.

We learn techniques used by animators when creating characters,

as well as learning how to make your own.


Bring your creations to life through backgrounds,

perspective, and tips and tricks to take your artwork

to the next level.


Plus students will also learn to draw characters that

are familiar to them from famous and

recent animation films.

Term 2, 2021

Senior Example

Junior Example


Class Duration: 1 hr

Want to make some realistic looking art?

Then THIS is the class for you!


Using lessons learnt from cartooning we explore:


Light Source



Shading Techniques

Depth Perception



Realistic Faces, Hair, Clothes, and Animals


We also delve into styles such as Anime & Creative Fashion.

Term 2, 2021


Junior Example

Senior Example

Toon Creations is a Creative Kids Provider which means you can claim your $100 voucher towards your class package or materials. 
Visit and create or login to your MyServiceNSW Account to register. 

Equipment/Art Kits

Each lesson you will need:

3 sheets of A4 paper (blank)





Colouring Pencils/Textas

Art Kits For Purchase 

Junior Art Kit ($12)

Pencil Case

HB & 2B Pencil



Thin/Thick Sharpie


Senior Art Kit ($25)

All items listed in Junior Art Kit


Graphite Pencils (4H-4B)

Blending Stumps


"I just wanted to let you know that I was at work today but I came home to two children absolutely raving about their morning at toon creations onilne camp and showing me their amazing drawings"

— Naomi, April 2020 

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